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A Rolex watch is sound investment and a pleasure to own, beautifully made and beautiful on your wrist your Rolex will give you pleasure for years to come. To ensure that your Rolex stays in good working order it is important that you look after it, and have your Rolex watch serviced at least every 3 years in accordance with the manufacturer’s recommendation.

Perpetual-Time is able to offer a Rolex service for your watch which will restore it to near perfect condition, by our highly skilled watchmaker Alex Photi.

We stock a wide range of original Rolex watch parts and will only use original Rolex parts when servicing your watch. All of our work is guaranteed by a comprehensive 12-month warranty.

The quality of parts and Rolex servicing we offer is equal to returning your Rolex to the manufacturer, but has the added bonus of being more competitive in terms of cost, and we provide a much quicker service. It can take weeks or even months to have your Rolex serviced by the manufacturer, but we aim to service and return your watch to you within 7 days. 

Please refer to our price list to see how much a watch service for your Rolex will be. If your watch doesn’t appear on the price list, don’t hesitate to contact us by phone or email to arrange a price.

Perpetual-Time Comprehensive Rolex Watch Servicing Regime


Full details of our full 12-Step Watch Service are shown on our service watch page. Below is summary of these steps:

To begin our comprehensive service of your Rolex watch, the watch is completely stripped down. This means decasing the watch movement, stripping down the case, including the removal of the bezel and glass and also any bezel screws (always located on the back of the watch and replaced only once the final polish is completed).
The bracelet of the watch is also stripped down, which means removing any worn spring bars and replacing them with new ones, and also the removal and replacement of any worn clasp spring bars as well.     

To remove any dirt or residue from the watch parts before the polishing process, the dismantled watch is placed in a 30 litre ultrasonic tank for 30 minutes at a temperature of 60-70 degrees. Please note that whilst work is undertaken on the watch casing and bracelet, the watch movement is placed in a dustproof airtight container to ensure its safety and protection.   

The case and bracelet are then dried using a special watch heater, before they undergo the 4-step polishing process.

Our 4-step polishing process is guaranteed to bring out the best in any watch. We use only Menzerna polishing compounds, the polish of choice for all high end manufacturers such as Rolex and Breitling. These compounds are not the cheapest on the market but give by far the best finish on your watch, and are therefore value for money in our opinion.

The 4-step Polishing Process Explained

Step 1 The first mop we use is a very hard mop and we apply Menzerna hard grit polishing compound which matts the whole case and bracelet and evenly and slowly removes the heavy scratches on all of the surfaces. This is done at a slow speed for gold and a high speed for steel. We cover only one side of the mop in compound so that the other side can remove the compound at regular intervals to ascertain when the scratches have been removed, at which point the process is stopped. Once this process is finished the watch parts have a very dull matt look to them.

Step 2 The next stage is the pre-polish stage. For this we use Menzerna pre-polish compound which is placed on a slightly softer mop than the one used in stage one. After the watch case and bracelet go through the pre-polish stage they begin to look less dull and also have a better finish.

Step 3 For step 3 we use a Menzerna compound called Final Finish, on a soft mop called a G loose mop that is white open stitch. Half of the mop is covered in the compound and is set to a high speed. After this stage the watch case and bracelet give off a high gloss look, and indeed nearly all other watch servicing companies stop at step 3. But we believe the best watches deserve the best service and so we use a fourth step, which ensures you get the very best out of your watch until its next service.

Step 4 The final stage uses a Menzerna compound called Super Finish. This bright yellow compound gives a superb high gloss mirror finish to your watch. Once again we use a different mop, this time a WDR Loose mop which is very soft and gives the best finish by far. Once this process is complete we use heat resistant tap and carefully mask off the areas that separate satin finish and high gloss on the watch. This is time consuming work that takes patience, but our customers agree that it is well worth it.

Finally the watch case and bracelet are placed back in the ultrasonic tank with fresh liquids and left for 40 mins at 70-80 degrees. The watch parts are then placed on a large heating machine and left to dry. Once dried the watch is built up with new seals and then greased up and tested at its recommended depth using a wet and dry water-resistancy tester.

All that remains after that is for you to enjoy your Rolex watch for another 3 years with our very best wishes.      



Watch Sourcing


At Perpetual-Time not only are we professional Watch Repair Specialist but we also have access to a large network of industry contacts and are able to offer you brand new watches and also pre-owned at great prices.


Please kindly fill in all your details on our contact form, putting a description of the watch or watches you are searching for and we will contact you asap.

Price List

Below we have provided guide prices for some of the more common watch repairs and services we offer. If your watch does not appear on the list we will still be able to help, so contact us directly and we will be happy to provide a free estimate for your watch. We use original manufacturer parts on ALL our watch services.

Rolex Service: These prices include a full strip-down of the movement, rebuild, oiled and re-timed with the mainspring being changed. The case and bracelet will be fully refurbished and also the watch is re-sealed with a 12 month warranty of the service provided. The following parts are changed during the service:- crown, tube, glass seal and backseal and mainspring. These parts are included in the price below.

Rolex Datejust (Ladies) £240
Rolex Datejust (Gents) £280
Rolex Submariner (Steel Or Gold) £300
Rolex Daytona (Zenith Movement) £470
Rolex Daytona (Rolex Movement) £400

Tag Heuer Service: All Tag Heuer repairs include a full refurbishment of the case and bracelet and re-seal plus a 12 month warranty. The mainspring in all automatic watches is changed plus all seals e.g. glass seal, crown and backseal. All parts included in the prices below.

Automatic (e.g Carrera) £270
Automatic (e.g Link) £200
Quartz Chronograph (e.g F1 Chrono) £180
Quartz (e.g Kirium) £120

Breitling Service: A full refurbishment of the case and bracelet and re-seal and a 12 month warranty. The mainspring in all automatic watches is changed including all seals e.g. glass seal, crown and backseal. Includes parts in the prices below.

Automatic Chronograph with Complications (e.g Bentley) £320
Automatic Chronograph (e.g Chronomat) £270
Automatic (e.g Superocean) £220
Quartz (e.g Cockpit Lady) £170

Omega Service: Prices include a full refurbishment of the case and bracelet and re-seal plus a 12 month warranty. The mainspring in all automatic watches is changed including all seals e.g. glass seal, crown and backseal. All parts included in the prices below.

Automatic Chronograph (e.g speedmaster) £370
Automatic (e.g Seamaster) £270
Quartz (e.g De-ville) £180

Battery Replacements Only £60 - including an ultrasonic clean and re-seal of the case, with a new battery and a 12 month warranty.