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By A Highly Skilled Watchmaker

Investing in a high quality watch that is well made, beautiful and will last a lifetime is a sound investment. To ensure your timepiece stays in good working order it is important that you give your watch the care that it needs, and have your watch serviced at least every 3 years in accordance with the manufacturer’s recommendation.

While I am able to service all brands, I am a specialist in fixing and servicing Rolex, Tag Heuer, Omega, Cartier, Breitling, and Chanel. I use only original parts when servicing your watch, and all of my work is guaranteed by a comprehensive 12-month warranty.

The quality of parts and watch servicing I offer is equal to returning your watch to the manufacturer, but has the added bonus of being more competitive in terms of cost, and we provide a much quicker service. It can take weeks or even months to have your service undertaken by the manufacturer.

I, Alex Photi, am a highly skilled watchmaker and am able to offer a full service for your watch which will restore it to near perfect condition.

Step 1

The watch is booked into our system for insurance purposes. It is checked for any deep scratches on the case and bracelet, or marks on the strap, and photographed for reference (these photographs are also sometimes used for the before and after section on the website).

Step 2

Any special requests from the customer are noted – for example dial restoration, new dial, or fitting of a dial bezel – and then the watch functions (such as date and chronograph) are tested to check they are working properly.

Step 3

Exterior checks completed, the watch will then be de-cased using the correct professional tools for make and model.

Step 4

Once removed, the movement of the watch is placed in a sealed storage unit for safe keeping and to comply with the terms of our insurance. The watch seals are then removed from the case, and new replacement seals are either put aside from our extensive stock, or placed on order if I do not already stock them.

Step 5

The hands are removed from the dial and the watch is carefully dismantled. All parts are checked for wear including the centre wheel, pallet pivots, or the train wheel pivots. The mainspring is also removed and replaced for manual and automatic movement watches.

Step 6

After the whole watch movement has been dismantled, the balance is put back on the mainplate and placed in a three jar ultrasonic cleaning machine, with different cleaning solutions in each jar. This process takes around 25 minutes.

Step 7

All watch parts are rechecked after they are removed from the cleaning basket as the removal of dirt and grease makes it easier to identify worn parts. When all parts that need to be replaced are identified, I contact the customer to notify them how much it will cost and to gain their consent for the replacement parts to be fitted.

Step 8

This stage sees the watchmaker begin to rebuild the movement, reapplying greases and oils, and fitting the new mainspring and greasing the barrel walls if the movement uses an auto mainspring.

Step 9

The rebuilt movement is checked on the timing machine and demagnetised.

Step 10

The newly rebuilt movement is replaced in the polished case, screwed in, demagnetised and retested on the timing machine again.

Step 11

The watch is then placed in a dry watch resistance water tester to its specified resistance.

Step 12

If automatic, the watch is placed on an auto tester. Finally, all watches are set to the correct time and date.

All that remains after that is for you to enjoy your watch for another 3 years with our very best wishes.

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