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About Cartier Repairs & Servicing

Perpetual Time is a specialist in providing exceptional Cartier watch repair, restoration and servicing. We provide a 24-month guarantee on all the work undertaken for Cartier watches under 20 years old and a 12-month guarantee if the watch is older than 20 years.

A Cartier watch is a luxury investment that deserves all your care and attention. A Cartier service will restore the watch to showroom quality, maintain optimum performance, and preserve the timepiece’s reliability and accuracy. Our watchmaker uses the very best original parts and reputable equipment. We will provide full Cartier servicing that helps restore your watch to near perfect condition.

Depending on the make and model of your Cartier watch, we offer a wide range of servicing and valet packages to suit your needs with competitive prices. We guarantee the same quality as going to a manufacturer, except our Cartier servicing is much quicker. A service from the manufacturer can typically take weeks or even months.

Contact us today by either filling in the enquiry form on our contact page or giving us a call and telling us about your Cartier watch and the repairs or service required. We will be delighted to offer you a free estimate of costs.

Why Choose Perpetual Time?

The main advantages of using Perpetual-Time for your Cartier watch repairs & Cartier servicing include:

  • Quicker and cheaper than sending away to the manufacturer
  • More skilled than high street chains and focused on quality timepieces
  • We stock only original Cartier parts and offer a 24-month guarantee
  • Flexible Cartier servicing and valet packages with competitive prices to suit
  • Our full service will restore your Cartier watch to near perfection condition
  • Highly experienced and a member of several professional organisations

The Cartier Repairs We Can Do

We can undertake a range of common repairs on Cartier watches, including the following:

  • Hand replacement
  • Dial replacement
  • New glass
  • Bezel and bracelet refurbishment
  • Spring replacement
  • New batteries
  • Bezel replacement
  • Cartier restoration

What a Cartier Service Includes

A Cartier service includes several steps to ensure it is restored to a high-grade standard, including:

  • Timing checks
  • Mainspring and seals changed
  • Waterproofing
  • Sealing checks to correct specifications
  • Ultrasonic watch baths
  • Refurbishment of the dial, case or bracelet
  • Movement rebuilt, greased and oiled
  • Full valet of the case and bracelet

This is just a basic list of what our Cartier servicing includes. To find out more, please don’t hesitate to contact us.

The Steps of a Cartier Watch Repair & Service

When repairing watches, we also test water resistance and refurbish the case and bracelet (included in the price). We can repair almost any type of Cartier watch, such as the following popular models: Tank Francaise Watches, Tank Style, Roadster Watches, Must 21 Watches, Ronde, La Dona De Cartier, Ballon Bleu De Cartier, Pasha Watches, Classic Santos Watches, New Santos Watches, Baignoire, Calibre de Cartier.

Our Cartier watch service features several steps as part of the thorough servicing process. We will book your watch into our system and will check for any scratches or marks. We will perform a test of the watch functions and place the movement of the watch in sealed storage. We will replace the watch seals with an in-stock replacement or by placing an order with a reputable supplier. The watch is carefully dismantled with all parts checked for wear while an ultrasonic cleaning machine is used to clean the watch. Before carrying out additional work, we will contact you and confirm if further costs are required. We will carefully rebuild the movement and reassemble the watch with regular testing. We will check for water resistance and set the correct time and date. Your Cartier watch is now all set for another 3-5 years.

The History of Cartier Watches

Cartier was formed by Louis-Francois Cartier in Paris in 1847 with the aim of designing bespoke jewellery and timepieces. The company would later be managed by his three grandsons, all of whom helped to make the brand a powerhouse in the watchmaking industry. Their early designs included the mystery clock, fashionable wristwatches and Tutti Frutti jewels.

The family-run business made its first wristwatch in 1904, naming it after an aviator who complained about unreliable and impractical pocket watches. For this reason, the Santos watch was designed to be suitable for pilots. In 1907, Cartier reached a deal with clockmaker Edmond Jaeger to supply watch movements, leading to an expansion that saw the introduction of several models in the following years.

Following the death of Pierre Cartier in 1964, the remaining family members sold the business to a group of investors, a purchase that re-connected the brand to a global audience. To this day, Cartier is widely known as one of the most prestigious manufacturers of jewellery.

Examples of Our Cartier Servicing

We love to share the outstanding work that our expert watchmaker does on Cartier watches, whether customers are after a repair, service or restoration. We regularly post before and after images and videos on our Instagram profile to show the recent work we’ve recently carried out.

These before and after videos show a Cartier Solo watch that came to us for the full Perpetual Time treatment plus sealing. The watch had a lot of scratches and the owner wanted a service that resulted in as close as possible to a factory finish. As you can see in the after video, the Cartier watch has come out extremely well. We removed most of the scratches on the entire case and bracelet and ensured that the corners are all nice and sharp on the inner lengths.

Follow us on Instagram to see more images and videos of the Cartier watch servicing that we have previously provided for customers.

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Once again, exemplary service from Alex. My Cartier Santos had a battery replaced and Alex kindly carried out a full bezel clean and polish, taking out a deep scratch which had been there for years.

This man is a watch repair genius, Cartier would have kept my watch for 6-8 weeks. I can not recommend Alex more highly that I do. Be assured your precious time-piece is in the best hands possible and extremely well priced, but most of all cared for.

Yvonne McAdams, Trustpilot

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