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Have Peace of Mind When Buying

When purchasing or selling a watch, it’s natural to be worried about the transaction. Through many channels, there is no certainty that you’re getting the quality you’re paying for, or that you’ll receive the payment for your item.

Fortunately, you can now rely on our expertise here at Perpetual Time to ensure the quality of the watch you’re buying, and the safety of your transaction.

How It Works

A Step by Step Guide

  1. The watch is listed here on the website.
  2. Once there is an interested buyer, the seller sends the watch to Perpetual Time. The watch will be delisted from the website
  3. Perpetual Time will conduct the Authenticity Check for a fee; this will be live streamed or recorded.
    • If preferred, it can be stored securely for a fee.
  4. The buyer and seller are put in touch with each other to arrange payment. Once the payment has been confirmed, the watch will be signed off and sent to the buyer.

Peace of Mind

For Buyers

  • All watches listed for sale on Perpetual Time’s site have been fully checked for quality, and an authenticity check can also be undertaken.
  • All watches sold through Perpetual Time are checked for their timekeeping, sealing and authenticity.
  • You can rest assured that your money is safe when purchasing a watch through Perpetual Time.

Peace of Mind

For Sellers

  • We only charge for the authenticity check, not for the transaction or listing of the watch.
  • Perpetual Time can also provide storage for the watch as it gets forwarded from you to the buyer.
  • You can rest assured that your watch is safe when selling a watch through Perpetual Time.

Want to Sell Your Watch?

Perpetual Time will provide a safe and reliable method for you to sell your watch so that you get to keep most of the money from the sale.

Whereas other sellers and agents will take a large cut and not provide any checks on the authenticity or workings, Perpetual Time will only charge for the checks and not from the listing or transaction.

Perpetual Time can also provide storage for the watch as it gets forwarded from you to the buyer.

Video Content

Videos worth watching out for

The Perpetual Time YouTube channel is the best place to be for the latest watch reviews, industry insights and in-depth restoration demos.

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