Perpetual Protection

Adhesive Invisible Shields for Your Rolex Watch

Your perpetual timepiece, a stylish lifetime commitment, is to be cherished. The introduction of Perpetual Time is aimed to preserve the restoration of rarities that I encounter.


As a highly-skilled watchmaker, I approach each watch repair individually to best suit the watch in question, using traditional repair methods and the very latest in watch repair technology to restore your watch to the movement and precision of the day that it was made.


Perpetual Protection upholds the prestigious calibre of work as soon as the watch leaves my workshop, using invisible adhesive shields applied after restoration. The Perpetual Time Protection treatment involves a high-quality “Rolex Wrap” and is available on a selected range of watches with the purpose of preserving the quality of work throughout the lifetime of the watch.

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The invisible shields used in Perpetual Protection ensure that your watch is:

  • Scratch & Abrasion Resistant
  • Saltwater Corrosion Resistant
  • Oil & Grease Resistant

The application process of Perpetual Protection uses a 100% harmless & residue-free fluid solution, with water as a medium. Protection lasts for 3 years, depending on how often you wear it.

Every watch that has the full Perpetual-Time treatment and full PerpetualTime Protection will be fully genuine and use no aftermarket dial or hands. The Perpetual-Time treatment is the full polish of the entire case and bracelet plus a clean and steam/ultrasonic clean.

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